do you think it is right,the bigger brian and more intelligent minds

Brian - do you think it is rignt ,the bigger brian and more intelligent minds.
@ypyanyan (956)
February 7, 2010 9:09pm CST
The bigger brian and more intelligent minds . I always listened to some old people said these words when I was a child . but yesterday I read a passage,it wrote these words which is the largest brian once examined belonged to a person of weak mind. After I read this passage and I ask my mom this question . My mom laught and didn't say what . Do you think it is right,the bigger brian and more intelligent minds.
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@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 10
Dear ypyanyan, Glad to see you in myLot again Hahaha, bigger brain - weaker minds. I think it is possible seems it takes longer time for the neuron to activate all the brain cell. However, theoritically we humans hardly used 1% of our brains. So there are still plenty of space to filled up with information, thinkings etc. By right, everybody is on equal ground..attitude, healthy food, nutrients helps alot
@ypyanyan (956)
• China
8 Feb 10
Dear Iriene88.I am glad to see you too. I miss you much recently . I was busy studying last term . how about you recently ? yes your view is right .it take s longer time for the neuron to active all the brain cell that is to say ,everyone has unlimited potential
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
10 Feb 10
I've heard that the bigger one's brain is the more intelligent that they are, but I really don't think that there is any truth to that statement. Well, I can't say that there isn't any truth to the statement, what I can say is that this would be something that would be very difficult to prove in a concrete way because there would be a lot of testing that would have to be done to prove the hypothesis and I don't think that it is actually possible to do that kind of testing.
@JamesKYTan (1607)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 10
Yes, I heard that before. The larger the brain the more intelligent the person is. I do not know the truth about it. Only scientists who do research on brains will know.
@asanlee (408)
• Indonesia
8 Feb 10
Hallo...yes , I also heard from old people that bigger brain is cleverer. Maybe what they mean is, if the brain developed well so the person will be cleverer. Because from what I know, when some babies inside their mother during pregnancy, their brains do not develop well ,so when they are born will be consider as Low intellegency category. And from ultrasound scanning the doctor already can tell whether the brain is big or small, it is a common way to judge the intellegency of a baby. Do you think what I am saying is correct?