Should a teacher be allowed to say bad things about a student

United States
@Virgie60 (556)
February 21, 2010 12:13am CST
My son graduated from High School in 2008. He had some health issues that made it hard for him to attend school and to do well in school. So he did struggle to graduate. But what I don't think is right is that his "geography" teacher will still talk about him to his current students and say things like "You don't want to get so far behind like (my sons name here) did because he almost didn't graduate" and "You don't want to be lazy like (sons name) and so you should stay caught up" This teacher has also talked about my sons friend "Bill" and has said that "We gave "Bill" the gift of graduation but now all he does is sit at home". I don't think he should be allowed to keep bringing up these past students as a motivational tool for his currents students. I think this is wrong. Especially since both of these students had health issues which caused them to get behind and not because they were "lazy or stupid" like he says. Should a teacher be allowed to talk about their former students in this way??