Disappointed with my boss? how do you deal .....

@dorothy09 (1520)
February 22, 2010 2:25am CST
hi there friend, I come up with this discussion because right now I am so disappointed with my boss. hmmmmmmm.. I am a very deligent employee and I manage to make reports and submit on time. But she really dont know how to say WOW great job, others teams would tell I really made excellent Job. My boss is the type of person who does not really know how to appreciate to anyone he just increment our salary and thats it. She just work and we just talk thru emails. Somewhat I am just quite disappointed because I need encouragement to do more Good JOb. Thanks to department boss who really encourages me, but How I wish I could also hear from her those inspiring and encouraging words. When I am disappointed,I just write my sentiment in the paper and throw it away. I dont figtt back. She is my boss and I have to respect her and I believe it has something to do with her personal life, she is not happy. If you were me? how would you feel