Do you remember when last time you played in rain

March 3, 2010 11:30am CST
After shifting to cities it was long back when I enjoyed rain in its full now days due to busy schedule it become almost impossible to enjoy it.
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• Saudi Arabia
30 May 10
I think I last played in the rain is when I was 13 years old. That's the only time I played in rain here in the City. Together with my Cousins, it so really fun.
@mtvmtv (600)
• India
30 May 10
Hi, It is always wonderful experience to play in the rain.Full fun.I don't miss any chance of long drive in the rainy season.Some times alone and sometimes with friends too.During this summer we are waiting for rain very eagerly.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
27 May 10
Well i like rain and we enjoyed our get-together party in rain last year it was a summer rain and had a great fun! I like to play football.
• Malaysia
18 Mar 10
playing in the rain and having fun was like yesterday. but it was a long time ago. it was afternoon and we were walking back from school. it was a convectional rain, the heavy downpour. no escape at all. so we just walking in the rain and trying to catch rain water. after the rain stop, we went home had a warm bath and drank hot chocolate.
@lmcueva (169)
• Philippines
11 Mar 10
I used to do this every single time when I was younger. Back then I had to ask permission from my parents. If it wasn't raining hard enough, they wouldn't let me. How I miss this! It's so sad that now you reminded me, El NiƱo is around and we haven't had rains for months. I hope I can play in the rain by June - September. Pay no mind what the neighbors think. ;)
@LaurenInLA (2272)
• United States
3 Mar 10
Okay, I'm way too old to play in the rain but I must admit that it's one of my guilty pleasures. We had a light rain last week and I founbd my self in my back yard with head tilted up toward the the rain and enjoying every second of it splashing on my face.