Freebies in Coffee Shops: Free or Not?

March 3, 2010 8:22pm CST
hi guys, I love coffee shops, I love the aroma of brewed coffee and I also just like the ambiance of coffee shops. However, there is just something that makes me tick. Although you are a loyal customer meaning that you already know the baristas to the janitor in the coffee shop, when giving out freebies like the annual coffee mug or planner they do not give their loyal customers that. They ask you to buy 10 times with a certain minimum amount before you earn your freebies. I find this rather ridiculous because You're buying from them the whole year round even when they do not give freebies and yet when they do have these lil freebies they don't reward their loyal customers. How great is that? Actually I don't ever think these are freebies because you buy more than what they are worth! How do you feel about coffee shops not giving much attention to loyalty programs? How do you feel as a customer? Do you think they really are freebies or not?
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@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
4 Mar 10
I don't know. Usually around here if there are programs like this they give you the card with your first purchase. And the coffee shops near us give you a free drink on your birthday. I've even seen, when i was hanging out in a coffee shop, a regular came in and when the barista asked him how his day was, he said it was really bad. The barista gave him his regular drink for free to make his day better.
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@hvedra (1623)
5 Mar 10
Now that is good customer service because she knows he will keep coming back and, really, how much profit are they really losing with the occasional freebie to genuinely loyal customers? perhaps if more discretion was given to the baristas and it was less about what the accountants wanted things would improve all around - including the profits!