Do you still use candles during power cut.

March 24, 2010 10:41pm CST
Now a days majority of people use emergency light during power cut,but i like to use candles.The light from candles is some thing special.In my school days i like to play with candles.
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@Bellapop (1281)
4 Jul 10
We don't have any emergency lighting, we usually use the candles and that is our emergency lighting, we don't really know anything else that can be used otherwise. Our candles are always placed at several points around the house and are easily accessible and found if the electricity does get shut off... :)
@mayka123 (11068)
• India
26 Mar 10
I love to burn candles at home. We rarely have power cuts in our city. May be just 4 -5 times a year and that too for very short periods. So the question of burning candles during a power cut hardly arises.
@Sreekala (24322)
• India
25 Mar 10
Hi sreejith, Now the summer is nearing to its peak and the power cuts are usual in our place. We have to search another alternative to escape from the darkness. In our home we need candle/emergency light even in day time if there is no electricity. We have emergency light at home but it won’t last for long time and I think a candle is more reliable. Now the cost of a candle also raised much but we can depend on the same for getting some light. So I prefer to keep candles at home always.
@basqui (3890)
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
We had emergency lights at home before but it got destroyed during the typhoons. Now, whenever the power is out, we also use candles to have light in the house. Even if candle light is romantic, you should always not let it lighted unattended. Some fires are usually started by a lit candle left unattended. Be careful not to burn down the house.
@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
25 Mar 10
I enjoy candles too. While I often have a candle going when I'm in a room, I approach it differently during a power outage when I need more light. I do have an emergency light, but it's not enough to really do any good. So if I have to have candles on I will use the candle holders that have a glass chimney over them. I'm always afraid my cats, or the dogs tail, would knock them over and start a fire or something! Most of the time when we lose power is in the winter storms we get here, so candles add just a little touch of extra warmth too:-)