@laydee (12814)
March 25, 2010 8:53pm CST
Do you have one? I could definitely say that I have friends like those. They're only there if you treat them out or do something fun, but if it's something serious, you could never see or hear from them. But indeed life will show you who the real people are, soon after college, I never got to see those fair-weather-friends. Most either quit school or just got married early. Anyway, I hope they don't have fair-weather-friends as well. How about you?
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• United States
29 Mar 10
Hi, Laydee! There are so many of those in all of our lives! They're the ones who forget all about you if you're sick or even depressed. They're the ones who forget you when they plan a fun event, sometimes. They're the ones who are always there when they need you, but never if you might need them... I think of them as mere acquaintances. I have a few true friends, and I treasure them!
• India
28 Mar 10
Hello laydee, i am 64 have seen the world closely, these days one can't get a real friend, most of them are selfish, just fair weather type as you say, you keep them calling tp parties, feasts. lol you are a good man, if you don't you are BAD Thanks for this post, cheers Prof
@uniqueorn (1011)
• Philippines
27 Mar 10
There are. Reasons behind are countless. Is it because of business or they are just like that, I can't really tell. But I would rather be passive about it. This is something natural in life that I should not take seriously. I have my own life. They have theirs. If I have problems and they are not willing to listen, I don't really care. If they have problems, I am very much willing to listen and then I care. I don't want to play as the good friend. But rather I want to be natural. I always find helping others a good thing to do than satisfy yourselves with non-sense wants in life. There's much more to appreciate in listening my friends' problems because it is a double good. It relieves a friend's burden and it lets you learn. Fair-weathered friends are just there. I don't care if they are fair-weathered. As long as they are friends, then we would be friends. There's no big deal to grieve of.
@allknowing (68752)
• India
26 Mar 10
Yes. I sure have. She has a friend who keeps going in and out of town and when that friend is not around this person who is my friend will be phoning me every single day but the moment her friend arrives I am not contacted. You might ask me when such is the case why I should still keep her in my life. She has other good qualities - ergo!