What is your opinion towards Chinese culture ?

Hong Kong
April 10, 2010 5:10am CST
Being a chinese,I always heard that there were many good things and bad things about our culture.I think it is just every culture inthe world and we will have our strength and weakness.I think I am humble enough and open for other people's frinedly critique on the Chinese culture if you can give some honest opinion.I think seeing your own culture will be totally different from appraisal by people from other culture.If you can say it in a friendly way and not with hatre attitude,I think many Chinese people would love to hear that.Because it is good to listen to more advice and constructive opinion if we want our culture to have more positive progress.Thank you.
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@gicolet (1704)
• United States
13 May 10
I've lived in Taiwan for 12 yrs and have observed Chinese culture first hand. What I like about Chinese is they are very close family. They stick to their family no matter what. They are very accommodating and friendly. What I find strange was a lot of parents are pressuring their kids to do better in school. There were so many incidents in my years of living in Taiwan that these kids killed themselves by jumping off a building cause they had bad grades in school and they couldn't face their parents about it. It was so sad. Another thing that I find kind of funny and weird is they force you to try foods that you don't feel like trying. I remember a Chinese friend of mine bought this cherry tomatoes on stick covered with sweet stuff and I really don't like tomatoes to begin with. When I said "no" she went "try, try..." and when i said "no thank you" she stuck a tomato in my mouth. LOL I couldn't say anything more...my mouth was full...how could I? haha
• Hong Kong
18 May 10
The Chinese parents love to compare their kids with others.Because kids are extension of themselves.They don't want the kids to lose their face because of not doing good in school.They want all of their kids go to the top University when they grow up so the parents can boost among thier friends and relatives that they have a University graduated kid in their family.That's why it becomes pressure to their kids and end up they lost their kids forever.That is one of the bad thing we have in our Chinese history.In Ancient Chinese history up to the mordern day China,education acheivement means a succeeful stepping stone to the government high position :it means power,respect and wealth as well.If a kid didn't do good in school means no future not just for himself but also affecting the whole family as well.Thus,many sad stories happen.On the other hand,in our eating culture.when someone give you something to eat,it is a way of honor our guest.If the guest reject it,the one who prepare the food will lose face or may feel rejected or insulted.That's why they will force their guest to try the food whether the guest like it or not and sometimes they will force you to finish all the food and make sure there is no more food leave in the plate or dishes.Of course,this tradiation is no good and ignore the feeling of the guest ,especially to our western friends,they will find it weird and uncomfortable with it.If you stand firm and say no without a good reason,they will just take it as a rejection for their food preparation .But the morden day Chinese with some education or influence from the western culture will stand firm and say no to all this uncomfortable culture in nowaday.Although I am a chinese ,I would say that there are still many things that we need to improve in our culture and society.Have a good day.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
13 Apr 10
Overall, I think that the Chinese culture is a great culture. However, there is one thing that I've learned about your culture over the course of my life that I don't really think is a positive thing. That is the one child policy. I don't think that it is fair to so many of the girls that are born into Chinese families that are given up because of the fact that female children aren't as desirable as male children. That really makes me sad.
• Hong Kong
15 May 10
Doran,you know something.one child policy is never a Chinese culture.It is only the communist government which is ruling china at the moment set this thing up.Why? Because they want to control the population of China.It is not a good policy because a single child in a family can never learn how to care for others children in a family setting.The child will always feel lonely since nobody will play with the child in the family.The child will always be ego centric because he/she is the only child at home.The traditional Chinese value see more children is a good thing in the family.It is only the government in nowaday controlling birth ,that's all.
@RobtheRock (2485)
• United States
10 Apr 10
I like the colorful garb I see some Chinese people wear when it comes to displaying their heritage. I also am glad that China is becoming a power in economics although I hope it doesn't hurt the US too much. I love the Chinese restaurants here (for my birthday I used to go to a Forbidden City restaurant in Detroit and Ann Arbor.) As a man, I unashamabley love all Oriental women. I thought Singapore was part of China and was corrected by a girl from Malaysia when I got Singapore and Shanghai mixed up. And I'm sick of the stereotypes of dogs and food. At the amusement park I met a young man from China and he was fun to be with. I also knew some Chinese men and women in Ann Arbor. Once I insulted a man from China when we worked at a newspaper in Ann Arbor. On Saturday he invited me to come to his house for a party. But I had eaten food that didn't agree with me and I couldn't go to his party. So he got mad at me and never spoke to me again. I wish he would have known why I couldn't come but I couldn't tell him. The Chinese men and women I met in Ann Arbor were very serious and always tended to business. Basically, all of my experiences with Chinese people have been very pleasant.
@mimiang (3777)
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
I believe that Chinese people are among those who have best culture. i love their literature. I love their food. They are bright minds. They are good.