I could get Tulsi plant at last

April 18, 2010 3:17am CST
As I have said in my previous discussion, in my country the Tulsi (Basil) plant is considered a holy plant and it plays a major role in the Hindu rituals. In every Hindu home one can see a pot containing this holy plant in the courtyard, balcony, and roof top. For last one month I was searching a plant here. Today is Sunday; at last I could get a plant from a road side plant seller for 25 rupees, it was in a small polythene pack with little earth in it. Next I searched for a pot for it, this I could get for 20 rupees, but the real headache was to get earth for it. I had to move about 10 kilometers with my son, in one place we saw some trees cut on the roadside and labors were digging out the roots. From there I could get raw earth. My wife has set the plant in the pot and watered it. She is happy, now they can light ghee lamp and incense stick near it and pray. Do you keep tulsi plant in your home for worship, please share your views? Happy posting, cheers. Prof