children's behavior inside the church.

April 26, 2010 11:51pm CST
I really don't know how to rate my patience. Sometimes, I'm cool. Sometimes I'm not. But when it comes to children, like many, parents, I am sensitive too. For me, almost all children get active every now and then. Sometimes they're just super active or sometimes they throw tantrums. But there are also times when they are quiet. Sometimes it worries me more when they are quiet than when they are talkative. Because, more often they are sick when they are not in the mood to talk. There was this incident where I almost lost my temper, when one of the church goers told me to tell my children to behave well inside the church. I admit that church is a place of worship but it is also a place where families gather. You will notice, family gatherings is now very uncommon. The churchgoer was a girl, who is almost the same age as my eldest daughter. What irks me was the way she said so. I told her that I'm actually reprimanding them. But they're just too happy at that time. The girl didn't even say sorry for hurting my feelings. She had an older companion who, instead of telling her to shut up even backed her up. I pondered for days whether I was right or wrong. I keep imagining if Jesus was physically present then, what would He has done. Will He get angry with my kids or He'll be just as happy as they were. Maybe, He'll scold me for losing my temper, but I'm sure He will not get angry with the kids. Remember the bible verse where He was asked who is the greatest in the kingdom of God? I'm sure my kids will eventually outgrow this kind of behavior. We don't expect them to dance inside the church when they reach that girl's age. I wonder what or how that girl would be when she reaches that parenthood age.