What are you doing?

May 13, 2010 10:55pm CST
What are you doing right now besides reading this discussion? It is almost 7:00 am in Turkey and I came to work. Today is Friday :) I will have my breakfast shortly. There are people from around the world that are online at mylot. So, what about you? What are you doing just this minute while reading this?
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@hmm609 (36)
• China
14 May 10
It is 12:00 am in china now and i am having lunch,a piece of bread and a cup of milk,while surfing on line.
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@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
14 May 10
hi its almost 9 pm here in California in the United States.so its Friday already in Turkey and its the am also. hi turkey from the the Us I am a day behind you and its thursday ever here and I have been mylotting now for two hours. happy breakfast and have a great work day. I am retired now and in my eighties and live here in this retirement center ,I am a woman by the way.I am sitting here wishing I could visit your country. I have not been out of the US except a trip to Canada, but not overseas.Hope you had a nice sleep before getting up to have your breakfast. I am sitting here trying to make up for yesterday when I was off the internet all day til my son fixed the problem and got me back on the net again. What is the job you do? I used to be a page in the Tustin Library before I retired.
• Turkey
14 May 10
This is fun :) I work as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist. I visited California in 1991 :)
@rhinarea (311)
20 May 10
drinking tea and watching television.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
18 May 10
I am from India. Here the time is evening 4:45 and I am at office. The office time is still 6:00 pm and relatively light on work today. It is unethical to myLotting or any other unofficial work in this time. Still, in between 3-5 minutes will use for a refreshment. I am very particular that no official work should get delayed or interrupted due to these extra work I enjoy. Regards, Thank-s
@vivasuzi (4125)
• United States
14 May 10
I am eating my egg salad sandwich for lunch at work. Yum :) I try to come to mylot during lunch to get my mind of work for a bit and chat :)
• China
14 May 10
now,it's beijing time pm 2:43! I just immersed into a good state of mind, fancy Friday! Happy Friday!
@rhodalyn (251)
• Philippines
14 May 10
surfing the net,chat with my friends,editing my website.. hehe
@lakman (56)
14 May 10
I am in Colombo it is raining here now with thunderstorm and lightning.Today i have to go to my work in the afternoon as i do shift duty. I hope the rain will stop.