Do you read potboilers?

@cripfemme (7715)
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May 14, 2010 9:43pm CST
I learned this word today. Thanks to Jasper Fforde. According to the dictionary, it's a mediocre work of literature produced mainly for profit. I try not to read potboilers, but every so often I'm guilty of it. Recently, I have started reading Steven Alton's "Meg" series which can best be described as a potboiler although it's fun and most "Chick Lit" falls under this category. Do you read potboilers? Do you feel guilty about it?
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17 May 10
First off, I LOVE Jasper Fforde! It makes me so happy that you mentioned him. :) Secondly, yeah. I totally read potboilers. I'd never heard the term before, but I'll totally read a book that has very little social value. Sometimes they're really fun. I mean, sure, sometimes they're also the "Twilight" saga *shudder*, but sometimes you just want a not-very-good book to curl up with for a little while. Absolutely.
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15 May 10
Really... who's the judge of whether or not a work is "mediocre" and what writer that writes books like that actually makes any money? Last time I checked the majority of writers, which includes even some best-selling writers, were dirt-poor. I don't ever feel guilty for reading a book I only feel so-so about. I don't even feel guilty for reading books I hate. The only books I feel guilty for reading are books with subject matter I disagree with. I've never heard the term "potboiler" before.