Pictures of the deceased at a funeral?

United States
November 16, 2006 12:10pm CST
Funeral cartoon - funeral cartoon
I attended the funeral of my ex-wife's stepmother. During the viewing one of the sons was weilding a polaroid camera, and taking pictures of people next to the deceased and handing them out. Now, granted this was taking place in a small redneck town in MS where the most formally dressed person actually had sleeves on his t-shirt. The viewing was held in the living room of a small house-trailer. When I was asked if I wanted a picture with the deceased I said no. Was I wrong in doing so? I later found out that this is a family trdition in my ex-wife's family, and she had pictures in our photo album of all of her deceased relatives in their caskets. Is this a common activity at funerals, or is it simply disrepectful? I'm leaning towards disrespectful. How about you?