In your opinion ,shat is the best MMO besides WOW?

@idkwow (38)
June 4, 2010 2:56am CST
I want to try something differect from the typical $50-$60 games every 2 months. idkwow ,US
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@reddart1 (85)
31 Mar 11
wourld of warcraft is wourth paying 15 a mounth. there is alot of quest that are fun to do as well as doing raids. pvping i quite fun to do.
@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
8 Jun 10
I also play WoW but I'm what you call a casual player. I can balance my life outside of the game and still raid as a hardcore raider. The one thing I like about WoW is its story. It's very engaging, very dramatic, well rounded, and very well thought off.
@dav20b (508)
• United States
5 Jun 10
Well I like Mabinogi its a free game and you can pick one of 3 races to play as human,elf and giant.If you pick to start the game as a human then you can get a free giant and elf card to play.You can do a lots of things in the game so its very fun and its free to.
@Jaluke (679)
• United States
4 Jun 10
Honestly, if you want a good MMO, Everquest is my favorite. The graphics are nowhere near as good as WoW or some of the other MMO's out there because it's been around for awhile, but in terms of gameplay and story I absolutely love it. An issue I have with WoW sometimes is that it is TOO easy and once you reach the maximum level, you can really only try to get armor. Everquest has an alternate advancement system that allows continuous character progression beyond armor once you reach the maximum level that also allows you to customize how you play your character more specifically. There are literally thousands of ways you can adjust your alternate advancement.
@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
4 Jun 10
My brothers are addicted to wow (they have been for several years now), they often tell me that they can't find anything equally amazing than wow. In terms of graphics and the system of the game. So, I don't think you could actually compare it to what's available in the market these days. But if you're looking for something shortlived and monotonous, there are a lot of addicting games but they don't involve tactics nor group raids hehehe.. Good luck getting over wow though. Although the cost could pretty well make you feel discouraged enough.