if you have your free time for yourself, what will you do?

June 5, 2010 4:44am CST
how i love to have a free time for myself. have a warm bath, a massage, read a good book or watch a good feel movie...then dinner with family.
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@rtsh_gup (186)
• India
31 Jul 10
Wow.......If I get free time I will do household work,go for picnic with my friends and family, I will visit wonder place which I have never been till now.
@pirate451 (152)
• India
27 Jul 10
When I get free time I will be happy because I get time to do my personal work.I used to go market with my friends and buy what ever we like and sometime I used to read story book and some articles which help in our society.Have fun and enjoyment with friends and after that I used to take bath and be fresh.At last I take rest on bad by watching movies, so I make special dinner and have dinner with my parent and friends and than I moved to bad and sleep.
@zzyw87 (1260)
• Philippines
17 Jun 10
If I have a free time, I would love to read and catch up on the tons of books I bought last month. I would also watch a few nice movies I was not able to watch in the cinema. I would also spend time with my family or friends to catch up and update one another. Actually, there are lots of things I want to do. I just don't have the time.
@TrvlArrngr (4058)
• United States
15 Jun 10
I might also take a warm bath, watch a movie that I want to watch (lol), or even take a nap. Sometimes I might go shopping to the stores I like too. Depends how much time I have on my hands.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
5 Jun 10
To me free time is a luxury. I hate this sometimes but it's something I have to accept and try to fit it into my daily schedule. It's always nice to spend time with the family. The occasional walk in the park or just do nothing and let my mind wonders are things that refresh my body, my mind.
5 Jun 10
sleep... I don't sleep well this past few days, actually, make that weeks...
• United States
5 Jun 10
When i have my spare time i try and come on here, i don't have much time on the computer to myself as i work a full time job during the week and when at work im using the computer and if i have some free time at work with no one around i do try and get in some mylot time because i would really like to make the payout this month as i am not to far away. I also do like my alone time, i like to crochet and right now i am making a baby pillow,. i havent gone much done on it as i don't have to much time for it, but i do have until august. I am going on a cruise soon so hopefully i can make it into the spa for some alone time by myself and have some relaxing time with no work.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
5 Jun 10
Free time for yourself is almost like a dream come true. When I have this rare time to myself, I like to listen to my favorite music cds. Watching old movies or reading a novel top my list as well.
@maximax8 (28249)
• United Kingdom
5 Jun 10
If I have some free time I like to go on to the Internet in order to visit My Lot. Then I can participate in some interesting discussions. I also enjoy reading an interesting novel or travel guide book. I like to take my two dogs for a walk to the beach or have a picnic in the countryside. I enjoy having a warm bath with some essential oils like lavender. I don't have all that much time for myself these days. I lead a busy life with work and family life. The thing I love must of all is traveling and this month I will fit in a trip to Canada.
@Alan70pct (173)
• China
5 Jun 10
I'll listen to music,play basketball or chat with my friends through the internet.Sometimes I do make a phone to my family coz Im not in my city most of the year.
@eman_81 (16)
• Egypt
5 Jun 10
well ... in my spare time i like to read novels & watch to important programs which it show world news ... also i practice English ( speaking & reading ) cuz i want to improve my English language .... sometime staying with family & have fun :))