Do You Think You're Better Off Alone?

June 6, 2010 12:44pm CST
I guess at one point or another we think we are better off alone. After moving back with my folks for a year now I am thinking that I am better off alone. I really miss my life before I got sick. Yup here at home I do not pay bills or rent and my money is just my own. But I miss my independence and my privacy. Here I have to share a room with my aunt, and I get tired of her yapping at times. I hate it when someone does not roll the toothpaste tube or did not return my things after using. Staying with the family means that I have to share everything, which at times can be such a disaster. But well that is a part of being a family. But I get stressed out just by simply listening to this one yap and that one make a mess and not clean it immediately. I know they are petty things but it does get into my nerve. I have lived on my own for 10 years before moving back with my family and I have been accustomed to just fending for myself and being as private as could be. I hate it when I cannot keep consistent training with my dogs because they break it and it confuses the poor animal. Like I have this do not feed the dog table food especially when we are eating policy and my grandma gives them her food. Uggghh grrr...I feel like going over my head! Or when I just want to have a quiet time and this one wants to open a conversation and when you tell them to not bother you they take offense. I have been scouting an apartment nearby but do not how to tell them I am moving out! I know they would say no because of this and that! It's always hard trying to explain things with family. I really would love to have my own place and get some space. My brother wants to move in with me and that'd be okay. I get along fairly well with my brother and I promise I'd help him with his allowance as long as he help me round the house. We just do not know how to tell our family. We also visited the apartment it's a 2 storey house with 2 bedrooms upstairs, The floor area is about 40 square meters. 1 toilet and bath and a kitchenette. There is a small yard where my dogs can play and it's a newly built apartment. Me and my brother would want to move out soon but I do not know if we would ever. Have you ever felt this way? Did you ever feel you were better off alone inspite of all the advantages of living with family?
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16 Dec 11
Please let us know what you decided :)
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
15 Dec 11
I have a family, and I have responsibilities. But once in a while, when all the (financial) stress get to me, and then it's compounded by other pressures of work and home, I would feel that I am better off alone. I think I would be less stressful, and less expensive. But alas! I can't be like that. This discussion is 2 years old. I hope you're in a better situation by now.
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
9 Jun 10
Well, it certainly seems that you've weighed out the pros and the cons of moving. If it were I that was in your situation, I would probably opt for the apartment. I've lived with my mother and siblings as an adult, and I can tell you from experience that I wouldn't trade living in my own home to live with my family ever again. If you think that living in the apartment with your brother is going to work out, then I would say go for it.
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
I'm a mother and sometimes too getting along with your husband and children made me so tired. They too have their own moods. Sometimes they expect me to be a superwoman. I wanted very much to be alone with myself at least maybe for a week; or have a month vacation. Because I'm from Asia, my culture is very different from the West. And I could not do something about it. I just feel it is my responsibility to get along with my family. But sometimes I think it's better to be alone.
@ericpapasit (1276)
• Philippines
6 Jun 10
Sometimes! But we can't neglect lots of advantages we can have by the side of our family, though
@rosie230 (1674)
6 Jun 10
yes I feel I would be better off, on my own, although I dont live with my parents, i sometimes think i would be better off on my own than in a relationship as everything was so simple then, i guess time could change my mind on that one in the future, but being alone was so much more easier.