How many times do you change your profile photo?

@danoluma (817)
June 7, 2010 7:41am CST
I have never changed mine, Have you ?
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@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
12 Jun 10
hi there! let me see first.hmm...oh,i dont even put a profile photo so there's no chance to change it huh?lol.i think i should put a picture for my profile but i just do not know when to do so.yup i will do it someday.thats for sure.:)
@xtedaxcvg (3191)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
I only change my avatar when I have a new picture that's worth posting. Other than that I always use my existing avatar. I also cant see the point in changing the avatar every so often.
@jenniper (93)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
It's only been a few months since i joined myLot so I haven't really thought about changing the profile pic. Maybe I should change it now. But on the other hand, I'll just keep mine same as it is now.
@juggerogre (1659)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
Come to think of it I haven't put a profile picture. I'll try to put a profile picture one day. I just can't find the right photo.
• United States
7 Jun 10
No, never. But you can already see that. Haha I was too lazy even to change it from the default you get when you sign up.
@slovenc1 (2092)
• Slovenia
7 Jun 10
I also never changed it here. I guess i'd be better off if i used a fake babe picture because i'd get more views but i'll stick to the one i have. Especially cause people might remember this picture and if i change they won't remember it's me anymore.
@Wizzywig (7859)
7 Jun 10
Maybe a couple of times since I've been here... I had one of me & my mum, then a penguin, now this one.
@juicekodai (1122)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
i recently changed mine.. so this is my second photo...
@zausiu (610)
• China
7 Jun 10
Me too. Why bother changing your avatar. If i have that time, I'd rather to post another comment.