Large waistline means you are at risk of having a heart disease

June 19, 2010 3:57pm CST
Lately I have been conscious about my weight and the size of my waistline. I have heard before that having a bulging stomach may mean that you are with illness. So I need to research in the internet to verify this. And what do you know. It is true. I read that you are at risk of having a heart disease if your fats have accumulated in the stomach area. It says that these fatty build-up in our organ secretes chemicals that contributes to starting diseases. Aside from heart disease people with bulging waistline also increases people's risk to incur diabetes. Later study shows , that it may also lead to dementia in older years. Oh my, I really need to take weight loss and waistline size reduction seriously. I don't want to end up with memory loss when I get old.
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@Hatley (164450)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Jun 10
hi aileen yes indeed a large waistline usually comes right with diabetes and in the mid fifties type 2 willhit us if we do not do something positive'about our weight. I did not really know this until it was too' late for me.So I am another of the millions of plump diabetics.I have had an ongoing battle with my weight. I am now again trying to lose it andthis time keep it off. I have a long way to go but my doctor insists only 6 pounds loss a month.I am very lucky that I do not have dementia in my elderly years but I work at keeping my mind very active too. I am determined this time to really get it off and keep it off too. After all if I lose 6 pounds a month in ten months I will have lost the 60 pounds I have set as my goal , and wou ld that not be nice to not have to wear huge peoples clothes. as for my diabetes losing weight will make it so much easier to control my blood sugar too. yes a chemical is secreted that actually leads to diabetes.I do wish when I was back in my fifties I had had all the info we now have. So far my heart has been okay but I intend to really lose weight and make the odds go way way down
• Philippines
19 Jun 10
Good luck on your weight losing project. As young as now, I am trying to be conscious with my weight. What do you do lose weight?
@udaymohan (437)
• India
20 Jun 10
You are perfectly right. Fat could lead to seral diseases includin heart attack. You should always be careful of excessive calories, they must be burnt. You are free to take whatever you like excepting fast-food, but you should know how to digest the food. Regular excercises and brisk walk would help you a lot. Remember, increase of weight and waist-size are the first symptoms which would be followed by breathlessness. So, be very very careful and never forget your excersies and brisk walking which would digest your food. This would also give you sound sleep in the night.