Sweet words are music to my ears

@Harold_ks (1674)
July 6, 2010 10:28am CST
Sweet words are really a music to my ears especially if it came from the one I love. The phrases such as "i love you", "i miss you", "take care", "you're special" makes me really feel overwhelmed. The phrases of care, love and concern are really important in a relationship. Every time I hear it, I just feel contented and gives me assurance that I am being loved. Yes, of course actions speak louder but those words are really motivators and it gives a huge impact in a relationship. That's why to love and be loved in return is really a heavenly feeling. How about you, do you also consider those sweet words and phrases a music to your ears? I would be glad to hear from you. Have a great day! :)
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@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
hi Harold, Definitely, I agree with your thoughts on how striking these words are that let a person be inspired and give a feeling of much appreciation about himself that even he only live a simple life, he has proven in himself that he is loved not because he is famous or any material things he got, but because he had proven himself that he is worth to be loved and worthy to show his love to the person he truly loves. These words can really change, and motivate a person especially if the person showing this words and actions is the one he truly loves. Showing his all aspect as a being. That a love given for direct purpose without any presumptions or conditions are true. A love that truly cares and gives affections that give you many confidence and reasons for being happy in life. A love helps you define how far you can love and accept a person, and how far can you keep the love as growing relationship. These are really good music in any one's ear. Any love either parental, friendly and intimate one. This make a single person be proud of himself and what he got in life. Hence, make him know more about himself, what he can do and give as real found love had touched his life. Happy mylotting
@chesaid (104)
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
it is really important for us to say sweet words to our partners. it is really nice to hear from our love ones. its like assurance that tames our ego and sedative for our paranoid minds. personally i always tell my boyfriend how much i love him everyday. before we sleep, after we talk, while laughing and after figthing.... its crazy but really its important also to remind our partner that we still love them after a fight.
@Hatley (164777)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Jul 10
hi harold yes I loved to hear that from my husband and it was satisfying and you are right, its a heavenly feeling to love and be loved. My adult son comes to see me every week and its again so satisfying to know he cares enough to do that. He has finally got a job and is working again which is so good for both of us as up til three weeks ago he had been without a job for a year and a half. He is too much the macho to say Mom I love you outright but he shows it in all the things he does for me, he is my computer maintenance man for one thing.Yes those words are indeed music to my ears too. Thanks for the wonderful discussion. Harold.
• United States
6 Jul 10
I to love affection in any form & i really like hugs. My children & i tell each other we love them every time i see them & my grandson tells me to. I love hearing it.
@saphrina (31740)
• South Africa
6 Jul 10
Okay let me see here. I don't love you, i don't miss you, please don't take care and you are not special. Oh, sorry did i say that out loud? So rude of me. KIDDING. Those are the only words that's important to me and the one i love know that. It makes me feel very special and i hear it almost a hundred times a day. How nice is that? TATA.
@derek_a (10902)
6 Jul 10
Yes, I agree with you, that such words can make all the difference in the world to a relationship and in this world they tend not to be said enough. If love was more manifest, life on this earth would be so different for everyone.. _Derek