NBI Sattelite Office In Quezon City

July 16, 2010 8:39pm CST
I am about to start a new job on Monday and one of the requirements was to get an updated NBI clearance. No problem for me since I only had to renew it and from experience I know that it will not take so much time and I believe that our government agencies have at least progressed over the years. So I planned my day and told myself that I would still have time for my medical check-up in the afternoon. Of all NBI offices, I chose the one in Quezon City Hall because I figured that not too many people would be going there to get their clearances. The NBI Sattelite office is located at the back of the city hall. It's just a small area, and unlike other sattelite offices, you would need a magnifying glass to read the process or steps in getting or renewing your clearance. Plus, the guards are so rude, they would tell you to read the step by step process, and I have tried looking for it everywhere, I could not find it. The first step was to pay for the clearance. Then image capture (ID), then Data Entry, and last is the releasing of your clearance. The whole process took me six hours because the lines were not moving. I spent more than three hours alone just for the line for the Data Entry. One of the reasons for this as I found out was because the people at the NBI office wants you to go to the fixers who roam around freely. Imagine how bad the corruption is with these fixers that even the guard will assist those who paid the fixers so that they won't have to stand in line. So if ever you need to get your NBI clearance, stay away from the sattelite office in Quezon City Hall. Unless you have money to pay for the fixers.