What would you do if your husband (boyfriend) cheated on you

@Satenik (102)
July 19, 2010 4:24am CST
This is the most difficult question for me to answer. I am married for 12 years and my husband has never cheated on me. He says so and I believe him. I would've felt if he did. Sometimes I think what would I do if he cheated on me. Honestly I can't say for sure. I am not sure I would leave him. I am more sure I wouldn't. But it would heart greatly. I would think about it all the time and it become an idea fix.
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@merma1267 (130)
• Philippines
19 Jul 10
If he my BF or husband cheated on me, one night i will cut his male organ by then he will stay with me.
@Satenik (102)
• Armenia
19 Jul 10
After that what's the use of him staying with you?
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
19 Jul 10
i know with my wife, she did cheat on me but we worked things out with each other. but it took along time to have trust in her again. now 15 yrs plus we are still together. what the hardest thing who she cheated on me with a friend
• Mauritius
11 Aug 10
Hi syankee525 That must be very painful when you found out.. But your relationship still the same after what has happened or you have found distance btween both of you, specially for you...
• United States
3 Aug 10
I would break up with him....I wouldn't be able to trust him anymore
@rtsh_gup (186)
• India
28 Jul 10
I am happy to hear about your relation.so I think you are very luck to get such a wonderful husband, keep same relation.........I have a boyfriend we are running to 3years he had never cheated on me till now.If he happen to cheat on me,at once I will get hurt and i will try to solve the problems.If its does not work I will end my relation with him because I believe in saying "one goes thousand comes".......
@rjkmrr (172)
• India
27 Jul 10
Its good that you got a good and caring husband.You just think that its like a gift from a God,As there is a proverb"Lucky is the man who is the first love of a women but luckier is the women who is the last love of a men".Hope he will not cheat on you. Stay as usual rather than to regret later on.
@jbrooks0127 (2326)
• United States
20 Jul 10
I was married to my first wife for 37 years. Along about the 30th year, in discussing something about a man we both knew, I ask if she had ever had more to do with him than just the partying we had done together. This was back in the early part of our marriage. I had always wondered but we had never broached the subject. I did not get a good feeling about her answer so continued to ask. It had been a long time, many years, and I thought well if it happened I could handle it. So she told me she had. Well of course that hurt. But the more I thought about it she had ample opportunity to have more than one affair as I spent a lot of time working and she didn't. So I pressed her for that and she finally admitted there had been. What shocked me was how many. I was devastated because I had no idea. I went to a crises counselor to see if she could help me get past this. Because of that I begin to see my part in it and because it had been so many years past I got past it. We were still very good friends and so I let it go. But the trust was gone. At around year 37, because of life circumstance, she met someone on the Internet and it happened again. We divorced. I had been very good at hiding my head and not admitting, or taking responsibility for, the problems in our marriage. I was fairly happy, I loved her so could not see that she was so unhappy. While it is very difficult it is possible to forgive but if then you do not change things in your marriage it may and can happen again. It use to be that men were the ones that cheated but no more. It is very much equal and all it takes is a person that is not happy running into someone that makes them feel valued. It is almost impossible to resist. Take care of your partner and make sure they understand where you are and you will be fine.
@Skade24 (750)
• Romania
19 Jul 10
I`m talking in my case. Well, i`m not very forgiving, when we are talking about cheating, and i often quarrel with my boyfriend from stupid stuff. My boyfriend never cheated on me, but i don`t think i could forgive such thing, because i know myself.
@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
19 Jul 10
hi satenik, congratulations that you have had a good husband,and you are trusting him and he is also trusting him,but i get married in the year 1977,still we are good couple but it is common in India,compare to western countries here the divorce factor was very very less,i have two grown sons,have a nice day
@Angelwriter (1956)
• United States
19 Jul 10
It's difficult for me to say, too. I've never had that experience so I don't know. It would take time and work to trust and forgive him again. I would hope I'd be able to forgive him, but I honestly can't say whether the forgiveness would extend to staying with him. I guess that would depend on the situation and how likely I felt that he might do it again.