Cash or plastic?

@ladynetz (968)
July 27, 2010 9:41am CST
I find that more people are trying to pay cash their purchases in order to "reconect" to their finances. I say that part of spendings should be made in cash , like groceries,entarteinment, small purchases. But we still have to use the credit cards a little bit, and of course pay the balance before gathering interest on it.Credit cards give you credit history and also sometimes you need them to book an event or make a big purchase. What's your stand? Cash or plastic?
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@moneywinner (1865)
• Brazil
10 Sep 11
I agree with you. I think we should try to pay the most that we can using cash, because sometimes, if we don't write it down all the things we buy, we usually forget and spend more money that we were planning to spend in the beggining of the month.
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
6 Sep 11
I use both cash and credit cards. There are cases that credit cards are not applicable most especially if its just a very small amount. Moreover, there are also establishments that only accept cash. Well, for those other transactions, then I make use of the credit card. The great thing is, i can easily see mynpurchases and from there see and monitor my expenses quite well. Nowadays, it is also not good to carry a large amount of cash.
@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
29 Aug 11
I mostly use cash, although I use my credit card to pay for gas. I find that using cash is just easier - I don't have to worry about whether I still have money available, or paying the bill later, etc. I use my credit card for gas because that way i can do pay at the pump and I don't have to leave my child in the car or take him into the station.
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
2 May 11
i dont use credit cards for anything unless it is needed (ie booking a hotel room) and pay cash for everything.
• United States
2 May 11
i use my debit card because my bank has a save the change that goes to your savings when you use it to the closet dollar amount and sometimes I use cash but not very often, I don't like to carry cash around with me if I do it will only be a few dollars, Like if I go to Garage sales I will carry a little cash with me.
• India
1 Sep 10
Hello i have credit card from three banks with high limit, but i rarely use them, the interest rate is as high as 24% per annum if you don't pay in 45 days.. If i am away from home, i don't have cash or my shopping card i am compelled to use the credit card.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• United States
16 Aug 10
My family's saying is simple, Cash is king. I truly believe this. There is nothing like hold a wad of bills in your hand. Personally i like to make purchases, even large ones if i can, in cash. I find it easier and less of a hassle. When i pay in cash i don't have to worry about paying of a monthly bill, etc. That being said sometimes there is a need for the plastic so i do use it occasionally but if i can avoid it i do. In fact, Britain is trying to rid of cash in a few years which is a pretty bold concept, i hope they do not do that in the United States.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
15 Aug 10
My husband and I use our debit card or our credit card, hardly ever using cash. When we use our credit card, we are sure to only use it within our means, and we pay the balance off every month. We have a secured line of credit to help build / repair our credit. We use our debit card because we have a savings account attached to it which debits one dollar after every purchase we make with it, from our checking to our savings. We don't carry much cash, actually I don't carry cash at all. My husband does carry cash from time to time. My last birthday I was given $20.00 from my grandmother and I gave the money straight to my husband to carry for if he wanted to make a purchase while at work, or before he clocks in for work. All in all, I'd have to say I like the debit card most of all because of the dollar deduction it makes every time we use it, it really helps to save, and we use the savings we get to save for our future house.
@peavey (16873)
• United States
27 Jul 10
I use both, but mostly cash/checks. I have a rewards credit card so I buy some things online and pay some bills with it to get the rewards. I generally pay it off every month so it doesn't cost me anything. I think plastic is fine as long as one controls it, but it's hard for some to control because they don't see it as real money when they're spending.