My daughter often eat snacks,is it harmful to health?

@llbo1981 (1242)
July 30, 2010 6:02am CST
My daughter often eat snacks,her age is 2 years old.In daily life,she seldom eat rice or milk,she often eat snacks. Do you meet the same situation about your child?Is it harmful to her health?
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30 Jul 10
It is not bad for the health of a child to eat snack, but it is what's she eating that can be bad to her health. If she eats healthy food in her snack it is good but if she eats junk food it is bad. Also she must eat in the right time so she will have a rapid development.
@2004cqui (2823)
• United States
30 Jul 10
Is it truly a snack? Or is it junk food. Healthy snacks are healthy for anyone.
@hushi22 (4940)
30 Jul 10
That would definitely not be good for health. She would lack the nutrients needed for her growth and development.
@owlwings (40038)
• Cambridge, England
30 Jul 10
At two, most children are just beginning to learn the adult regime of two or three meals a day and may still need to eat small amounts more frequently but you should certainly begin to discourage it and let her learn that being hungry for the regular mealtimes is a good thing and is much more healthy. Eating snacks all the time does not give the body a chance to digest food properly or to properly regulate blood sugar and the level of other minerals. Before they are weaned, children need a fairly steady supply of small amounts of milk (which is easily digested). Weaning involves teaching the body to accept less frequent meals as well as foods which take longer to digest. Snacks are a bad thing because, although they are solid foods, they do nothing to teach the body how to manage itself properly. The way your first sentence is written seems to suggest that you are giving your daughter snacks whenever she wants them (perhaps this is not what you meant but it is certainly what you imply!), perhaps to 'keep her quiet'. Good parenting is NOT about keeping the child satisfied at all times! Childhood is about learning to accept hardships as well as good things and a good parent helps them to do this with love. It is misplaced 'love' if, every time she cries for a snack, you give her one!
@mabey1 (337)
• Romania
30 Jul 10
its wrong to let her eat snaks. at this fragile age she eats junk food when she' going to hit puberty you are going to have a lot of problemes. starting her weight, zits, and ather help issues, and some of them yo really don't know about it. manny of cardiac problems are due to the fact that we eat snaks. you should try to not give her this kind of food, and try to not eat in front of her. i know its hard aspecially knowadays when you turn on the tv and all you see that this or that junk food taste so good. they really brainwash our children, and we have to take the hard decisions and not let them eat this junk.
@med889 (5958)
30 Jul 10
My nephew who is eight years old is really addicted to fast food and this is very preoccupying because at time he becomes very stubborn and will not stop eating that even if he gets scolded so I think you must talk to her when she is still small.
• India
30 Jul 10
Almost all the people around the world go for snacks, school going children perfer more than usual people. I don't think it us harmful to health.
• Philippines
30 Jul 10
That would depend on the kind of snacks she is eating. If it's mostly junk food, then I don't think that is healthy.