do u miss your naughty school life????

@abj163 (1038)
August 4, 2010 7:36am CST
i donno what about others but i do miss it a was totally fun and naughtiness .....punishments...stand out of class..get beaten by teacher.....this wont happen in future....thats why i wanna go back to my school life..... i miss it a lot.... do u miss it too mylotters??
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• China
4 Aug 10
no,in fact,my campus life was some kind of boring .no girlfriend ,no crazy night,no naughty action .oh,my god ! i was a totally dull boy.
@abj163 (1038)
• India
4 Aug 10
i still dont have a girlfriend....but i used to have a lot of friends in school..... now i am doing graduation and i have bunch of friends too.....but they are other that my school mates...... happy mylotting
23 Aug 10
I am very sympathy with your suffering, but I know that most people regard life in school as a beautifull memory of their life. I graduated from my school recently, now I found it that I missed my school life very much. When I was in school, I made lots of friends whom I can open my heart to, doing everything I wanted and have no need of a great deal of boring things in the real life.
@Hatley (164389)
• Garden Grove, California
4 Aug 10
hi abj I guess my being female I cannot understand why you miss being beaten by a teacher. I did not really enjoy grade school as i was so shy and always being left out of things.Plus the school years then were in some of the worst cold spells in "S outh Dakota history even the class rooms were never really warm enough. i loved high school and college too. did not finish when young so went back and finally got my degree at age 56. I really did hate my gradeschool days as I was a total wuss.
@shalter (101)
• Canada
4 Aug 10
ohhhhhhh kashhhhhhhhhhhh i can get back those days once in my life..i know its not gonna happend again.those days in school was just amazing,teachers,their punishments,their lectures,frineds,matches,etc.specially the last year which i spend in my scholl was the most enjoyable time in my life as a student,after that i start college and never had time to look back because of the schaduall ,routine and the responsibilities,its been more then 10 years to passed my school life but still feel like yesterday i was in school.offcourse i missed a lot.take care my friend.
@kimkim888 (145)
• Philippines
4 Aug 10
I miss my school life... I can never forget when me and group mates sneak out from the school window and the college dean saw us and get our name....hehehehe
@gaboni (644)
• Israel
4 Aug 10
Yes, I do... I finished high school 2 months ago and I feel so... mature and old.:( No more the easy going life of going to school, studying and sleeping, I miss my school, I miss my friends. Many people that I enjoyed being with and now our relations are going to be cut down...