5 particular/weird quirks about you...

@Lore2009 (7389)
United States
August 23, 2010 7:24pm CST
What are some particular/weird quirks about yourself? For me, 1. I love flash cards! I make some for everything (yes, I'm a nerd). 2. I have a lot of interest in people's birthdays (and other little trivial stuff). I like horoscopes and personality quizzes. 3. I'm obsessed with recycling and reusing. I usually buy used things, if I can. So I love yard sales. 4. I like to keep things in routine. I have a daily schedule that I follow and feel accomplished when I do. 5. I hate cars. Riding them, hearing them, driving them, smelling them.
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@xenzhi (59)
• Philippines
24 Aug 10
1. I like to collect the caps of plastic soft drink bottles and once I've collected around a handful of them, I would submerge them all into a deep water basin and watch them float to the surface gleefully. :D 2. I remove and collect the tabs off of various soft drink cans, even the ones that aren't mine. 3. Whenever I eat meals, I would always rearrange the food items in such a way that the rice, if any, will always be closest to myself. 4. I absolutely love to eat very sour fruits such as crunchy green mangoes that even when my teeth start to hurt, I will still continue eating them. 5. I use my cell phone as a flashlight during blackouts even when I have a perfectly working torchlight.
@Lore2009 (7389)
• United States
25 Aug 10
Haha, you sound like a lot of fun, and weird! I love your number 1, 4, and 5. Thanks for responding!
@much2say (40060)
• United States
26 Aug 10
Only 5? Hee hee. Let's see . . . my weird quirks would have to be . . . 1. I like getting "good" stuff or going places for cheap or for free (especially for my kids). I do research for such things on a daily basis. I get a thrill from buying clothes off the 99 cents rack at the thrift shop - ha ha. 2. Although I am typically not superstitious, I hate 4 and 9 (Japanese culture thing). 3. I love reading children's books. I buy them up obsessively. 4. I can eat A LOT, although I don't look it. 5. I hate missing puzzle pieces. I used to do my kid's puzzles every night when cleaning up to make sure all the pieces are there. We have one puzzle from 4 years ago with one missing piece - and although I'm sure it's long gone since we've moved, it still irks me that one piece is missing!!
@Lore2009 (7389)
• United States
27 Aug 10
You could add more if you like, haha! Sounds like you're a great shopper, and I love children's books too. I can understand about the puzzle pieces too, it's so not right, not complete.
@Mayuko (1272)
• United States
11 Jan 12
1. I love to daydream. Sometimes about myself, but other times, I like to imagine little movies in my head with my own invented characters. 2. Whenever I hear about a disease or disorder, I immediately wonder if I have it, and I think I have the symptoms of it. And it doesn't help that I already have lots of aches, pains and other "symptoms". 3. Speaking of symptoms, I feel and hear tapping in my right ear whenever a faucet is turned on, or if paper or plastic is rustled. I'm supposed to go to the doctor about it, but I still haven't gone. 4. I'm a procrastinator. 5. I love organizing and categorizing things. I love that this site has tags, because I get a satisfying feeling when I add tags to things. I just wish you could add more than 10.