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@celticeagle (120600)
Boise, Idaho
August 29, 2010 10:18pm CST
the slaughter continues. On the Animal Planet Channel this evening they showed 'The Cove' a documentary about the annual slaughter of dolphins in a small logoon in Taiji, Japan. They say there is an estimate that 23,000 thousand dolphins are killed and captured each year. The guy who train Flipper is the head of this group that are trying to put a stop to the killing. Have you seen this? I seem to recall a disscussion started last year about this film. I am sick about the wolve slaughter in my area each year and this is just another slaughter that so senseless. For those of you that have cable this film is on again at 10pm. my time which is MST. If interested. Why do people think so little of animal's lives? It seems some people can torture, mame, slaughter, shoot, etc. any animal and it is of not significance to them. Why? I just don't understand it. And beyond the senselessness of it are they ignorant of the fact that there is a circle of life and when you start killing off specises you are next in line. Don't know or understand or care? What are your thoughts on this issue?
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@Hatley (164465)
• Garden Grove, California
30 Aug 10
celticeagle seems to me like the poor lovely dolphins are much smarter than the idiots who are slaughtering them. thats so horrible to me as they are so smart and man could learn so much from studying them.Why do they do such horrible things, they are not even doing this for food this is just so senseless. All this is upsetting the balance of life and sooner or later we will pay for it too. My thoughts on this are its just so apalling and is there any way we can stop this senseless slaughter.that like I was reading they were going to slaughter all those canadian geese because a few had flown into the engines of airplanes and caused crashes.there were other ways to prevent that and they did not need to kill all those lovely geese like that.,
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@bunnybon7 (37749)
• Holiday, Florida
30 Aug 10
i cant stand to watch anything like that. it gives me nightmares. even those commercials about abused animals breaks my heart. i either fast forward through them or change the channel for a minute. i have enough stress in my life and there doesnt seem to be anything i can do for it.
@writersedge (22579)
• United States
30 Aug 10
why are they killing dolphs for cyring out loud? Do you know that thousands of geese are supposed to be killed in the USA this year because they migrae near planes, can get sucked into engines, etc?
@Lakota12 (42681)
• United States
30 Aug 10
I seen something like this but think it was seals that time I hae any wild life getting killed just for the killing. if they get to populated they do it them selves dont need human help!