Baby Wipes in the Bathroom

United States
September 11, 2010 7:44am CST
Does anyone else still keep baby wipes in and around the house - even though your kids are no longer in diapers?? We do - and we honestly have no intention of changing that habit! We keep a box of baby wipes in every bathroom for our use as well as my 5 YO! He can do his business just fine alone, but sometimes doesn't wipe good enough so the wipes are an underwear saver! LOL "You never knew how clean you weren't until you used a baby wipe!" One of our friends said that to us once after we found out they do the same thing! LOL We also keep a box in our kitchen for quick wipes of the hands/face, one in our living room, and we discovered they are great for cleaning certain things (because they don't leave a film of cleaner) so we keep them in our offices for wiping things down! Anyone else still keep 'baby' items around even after the 'baby' is grown?
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
14 Sep 10
I've only recently discovered this wonderful idea. So, I've recently started keeping baby wipes in the bathroom and I use them whenever I need to. Since I've been using them to help keep myself clean, I feel a lot cleaner than I did otherwise. Now, for me, in no way are these a replacement for toilet paper, instead I think of them as an addition to toilet paper. I'm never shocked at how much better the baby wipes clean.
• Pamplona, Spain
11 Sep 10
Hiya Raven, Not anymore but I did use them for a long time after wards too myself and well everyone else that found them around. They come in very handy I agree but my budget does not allow me for everything so I have to do without them. I had quite a few packs of them actually as my last baby needed changing an awful lot.
@durgabala (1362)
• India
11 Sep 10
I have a box full of baby wipes remaining, we use it during travel to wipe faces and hands.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
11 Sep 10
Hi, I still keep baby wipes at home,although my son is diaperless on day time and everytime when he poo, I use water to clean. Baby wipes can be used to wipe hand clean and sometimes, we may need it for other purposes. Anyway, in supermarket,they do sell small pack of baby wipes and no harm to buy a pack standby at home for emergency use.