Hoarding - A Disability or Just Denial?

United States
September 13, 2010 9:50am CST
i love the show hoarders and hoarders buried alive and on one of the shows (maybe both) they have a message about how hoarding is a problem and through out the show they keep referring to it as a "mental disorder". im torn on this... one part of me thinks its just the way people deal with maybe not having things as a kid but its hard to believe that people dont see the problem when they are tripping over stuff etc. another part of me is worried that the way they are saying its a mental disorder that this is the gateway to making it a thing that qualifies for disability which would just give them more time to hoard. obesity and from what i heard from a friend they also have done it for alcoholism have actually been used to get disability. WHICH i DO think that obesity can be from medical conditions and something that people cant control so DONT get me wrong that i think all obese people shouldnt get disability but with alcoholics isnt that just giving them more time to drink? that would be like giving people addicted to drugs disability.. some of these hoarders are hoarders because they did become disabled for a health problem and did it out of boredom.. like i said dont get me wrong i do realize that some obese people have health issues that made them gain and keep the weight on which is not their fault. the alcoholism unless they had failing liver and was on dialysis it doesnt make much sense.. but is hoarding the next thing that will qualify? do you think it should? do you think hoarding itself alone is a mental condition? i think most of the time its caused by something else that very well could be something disabling but not 100% of the time