No homework during weekends policy

September 21, 2010 9:49am CST
There is a present memorandum in our country that is proposing that there will be no more assignments/homework should be given to students during weekends so the children will still have recreational time. I don't think that memo should be implemented since I believe that having homework/assignments even during weekends will help the students to develop a sense of responsibility. Moreover, making those assignments will not take up all the weekend's time so they still have the chance to play during those days. How about you? What do you think about "no homework during weekends policy?"
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@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
21 Sep 10
Yes I think this memo should be implemented because there things more important than assignments (especially for kids). They need time for play, for family, for other activities not just doing homework. I don't want my kids to have a miserable life doing studies all the time.... Life is too short. Make the best out of it. Assignments on weekdays and attending classes are necessary for the kids and their future...but let the weekends be for fun activities only.
• Philippines
21 Sep 10
well, I guess parents may have different views about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. =)
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 10
Ever heard of the saying 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?' A growing up child needs some play time if they are to come better individuals. Without play time they may score in examinations, but fail to shine in other areas. Playing with friends gives rise to creativity, exposes the child to other experiences, enhances social skills, understanding the value of team work, and develops leadership skills. I never gave lots of homework or assignments to my students. Yet they scored as well as other students who were given extra work. That was years ago Now the government is not encouraging teachers to give lots of homework to the students. Study smart, and have more time for other activities.
@peavey (16587)
• United States
21 Sep 10
I don't know about where you are, but here the kids have so much homework they don't have much time for anything else. I think weekends off is good for them, just like weekends (or other days) off are good for anyone else. No one should have to be stressed about working every day of their lives.