no signal

October 2, 2010 9:10am CST
I have no signal since this 8:oo pm. that's when I noticed it, for all i know it was hours before that. Anyways, I'm seriously pissed off and i have no idea what is going on. This phone has almost never lost a signal at all and now this. Is anyone have any problem just like mine??? Is anyone can help me how to settle with this???
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• China
2 Oct 10
Have you powered off the phone and taken the battery out yet? Sometimes it's a good way to handle the phone problem. If it doesn't work, you should go to the cellphone shop for help.
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
yah i turned off my phone and taken my bat and sim but it doesnt work at all...i think i have to go a cellshop tomorrow to check my phone. tnx!
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
24 Oct 10
mmh in some cases when you have not signal on your mobile phone the problem is related to the general signal of your operator may be related to your area you know some upload on the mobile net or problems as well!!Surely fi your situation endure too much you will have the doubt that your mobile phone is wrong and so you can check up it!!
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
2 Oct 10
It depends on the location sometimes if it's not the phone itself. I've had problems like that every now and then but it's because of the place I'm in at that time.
@snowy22315 (50997)
• United States
2 Oct 10
I've had that happen with my cell before. It is usually just because there is a tower down somewhere or something. I wouldn't worry about it at this point. I would just call the carrier and let them know of your concerns. They may have some info. on the subject.