How Does a Republican Become a "RINO"?

United States
@anniepa (23612)
October 17, 2010 8:45pm CST
I'm being totally serious here; it seems the very worst thing a conservative can call a member of the GOP is "RINO" and these days it seems there are more and more of them, although I really haven't seen much evidence of their existence. I know there are some very polariing issues between the two parties, so exactly how many of them does one have to be "wrong" on to not be "right" enough and therefore be a "RINO"? Here are a few examples of those divisive issues: A woman's right to choose; now it seems a "true" conservative doesn't even allow for the exceptions for rape and incest. Immigration; I guess any chance at all for an immigrant to redeem him or herself and become a LEGAL resident and eventually a citizen is off the table. Health care reform; the "free market" aka the "status quo" is IT, right? Minimum wage; does anyone REALLY want to abolish it? Gay marriage and equal rights; do they now have to ban them from teaching to not be banned from the party? Unemployment compensation; should we let the spoiled, lazy loafers starve instead? Tax cuts for the rich; somehow it doesn't matter if they increase the deficit and debt. There are others but the above is enough for starters. My questions is, does it take just one or more than one of these issues to make someone a "RINO" or is it simply someone who is willing to EVER work with a Democrat on ANYTHING? Just asking... Annie