Do you think cricket is a more sophisticated game than football or soccer?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
October 25, 2010 7:49am CST
Though I love the game of cricket still for me it is much more sophisticated game than football and soccer. From my point of view in playing football you have to run continuously for 90 mins. In this game you have to be on your toes right from the start. The momentum of this game is so fast that players are prone to injuries. But cricket is more kind of sophisticated game. As the name resembles gentle man's game. The game is also exciting but not as football, I mean to say that the rush the speed is less than soccer and players are not so much prone towards injury. Thats completely my opinion what's yours share with me....
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@ram_cv (16516)
• India
26 Oct 10
Cricket is definitely more sophisticated than football or soccer. Soccer is more physical and fast compared to cricket. But cricket has a mental aspect and patience is a major aspect of the game. There is less of adrenalin in cricket in comparison with Soccer and more of brains in cricket than soccer. Cheers! Ram
@pratik87 (1928)
• India
25 Oct 10
well i do not think either of the sports can be called sophisticated. if you would like to see more speed in cricket then i suggest you start watching more twenty twenty matches as they are sometimes played at a very rapid rate and the whole match can change with the blink of an eye.
@venkit (2957)
• India
25 Oct 10
for me also cricket is more sophisticated game but very interesting. i think the only sophisticated rule we can see in foot ball is off side. otherwise foot ball is crystal clear. but in cricket we should know the rule, but in india everyone specially boys learn cricket as every one speaks the mother toungue.
@hvedra (1623)
25 Oct 10
It's a game that can last for five days, has meal breaks and you still might not have a clear winner! I strongly suspect that the main object of the game is to keep the bar open for as long as possible to keep the spectators happy.