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@advokatku (4037)
October 25, 2010 3:56pm CST
Do come to an invitation is a liability? People who invite has select people who will be invited, it turns out people who had selected not come without apparent reason. If you which became people who invite, of course you will disappointed, right ? Every people who experienced adolescence in 80-90s, I'm guess often got a birthday invitation from cardboard pictorial, which was given an additional sentence "There is no impression without your presence." Or right now, an invitation via SMS that reads "Hope You will Come to my Birthday Party". Frankly, since childhood, I'm never felt comfortable in a party. If invited, I often intentionally do not attend. How about you?
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@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
I am not person who loves to go to a party. In fact if I going to a party, I would really make sure that the part host I am going to attend I know him or her. Even if I was just invited by a friend of party host I would really make sure that I would ask permission to the party host. Never had any attempt to gatecrash to any party. For me that is so embarrassing and disgusting that is just my point of view. That is why in every party that I am going to, I would really ask permission to the party host.
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
i would love to gatecrash at well maybe those people invited are busy with something else or maybe theyre just hesitant to come due to some personal reasons but its a nice feeling to be invited to a birthday and get to attend it. it is a special day for the celebrant and he/she chooses to celebrate it with you so that means youre one of special people in his mind
@Hatley (164654)
• Garden Grove, California
26 Oct 10
hi advokatku I don't mind small parties but anything really large I am very uncomfortable and usually do not know all the people so I' just say thanks but no thanks. I am shy and can handle small groups where people will talk to me. but when theres a lot of people that I do not know I will seldom go unless I have someone I know with me. I am not much of a party animal anyway.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
25 Oct 10
in general i like aprties so i attend them when people invited me!!Surely a party can be funny or even too much boring probably it depends from people and what they like to do usually!!So it happened to me too in some cases to not attend some parties for whom i was invited but this due because i knwo there should be not a good or funny one!!Anyway everybody has its own own to judge party and considering your case that normally judging parties not so funny you thought right to not attend!!