which subject in science

October 28, 2010 11:41am CST
so which book you start to read first when you are reading science/ I generally turn to the internet these days. i read about planets ans space usually.
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• India
22 Nov 10
I can't remember which one I read first. But I read about History of Science and how Science relates with religion. I also read up on evolutionary theory and how it relates with religion. I prefer to go to Faraday Institute for Science and Religion to get myself acquainted with the subject. I also like lectures on Youtube on the matter.
@flowerchilde (12547)
• United States
29 Oct 10
I like the study of origins. Scientific circles like to say "intelligent design" (intelligence behind the design of what is) and "creationism" is a fairy tale, but the theory popular with them is full of weird "possibilities"/fairy tales and the whole thing is an adult fairy tale (says do as you want there are no limits or moral code/no creator/designer, man being the higher power). They laugh and scoff at christianity and the miracle of the universe but believe whales evolved into cows and squirrels into birds or dinosaurs into birds, as the theories go.. and that huGe miracle of everything from nothing and an explosion that resulted in great order, unlike any other explosion.. since no one observed the origin, evolution is not a science but a theory and a belief just like any other "belief", but try telling 'them' that! evolution has quite a devout following.. well, you can see i'm quite interested in and passionate on the subject
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
28 Oct 10
I am getting interested in biomass and bioenergy these days. There are new developments in this sector, and getting more and more attention around the world with the resources of conventional enery are diminishing. Bioenergy is the energy the countries have to depend on in the long term. Many companies are developing technologies in the sector. Very interesting !
• Philippines
28 Oct 10
Hello gunjanpri, I think the first topic to read about science is about life because i really like to know about how life start in this world im still reading how life start base in science but there is no better explanation there.I think it is true that we are created by our God. Have a nice day and Happy mylotting.