What are you up to today?

@maezee (35383)
United States
October 31, 2010 1:02pm CST
How did everyone's Halloween weekend go? (So far, that is). Is anyone else trying to cure a hangover this morning? Hmmm.. What are you all up to today, besides taking your kids trick or treating, if you have 'em?
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@bounce58 (17523)
• Canada
2 Nov 10
We had the kind of halloween party that involved a hangover the next day, last Saturday. So Sunday was pretty much lying around waiting for the kids to go out for trick-or-treating. We did have some friends over the house to afterwards. We had some food and a lot of chit-chats while the kids divvied up their hoard.
@jesssp (2742)
• Canada
1 Nov 10
I did something truly scary for Halloween - terrifying even. I got the ladder out and washed all the upstairs windows. It might not be ghouls and goblins but it was definitely the freakiest thing I've done in a while!
• United States
31 Oct 10
I finished painting my daughters room. I have some more to do later in the week. I helped her put her room back together. I have been watching movies and doing mylot. I can't wait till desperate housewives come on. That is when I am getting off this darn computer and chilling out. Oh,My daughter is going trick or treating with her friends.
• Philippines
31 Oct 10
I'm up for a drinking session at a friend's house. I guess that's it. Nothing much to say except that is gonna be legendary.
@Kirinx (1693)
• United States
31 Oct 10
Well on halloween i prefer to stay indoors because too much evil junk happens on the day just read about a mother getting shot in her costume.. wasnt in my area but still... Besides that i am rating music and i'm thinking about playing some videogames... really i'm waiting for my mom/sis to wake up its 2 pm . and yet they are still snoozing. i am also waiting to see if my internet buddy signs in today.