how could you make a extra money from my lot..?

@asendud (318)
November 1, 2010 6:55am CST
i just get a little money. if u get star on front of your name what the effect to your earning..?
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@Strovek (870)
• Malaysia
2 Nov 10
The star in front of your name is your reputation. You will get one once you have more than 100 rating (rating the number after your name). I found that the number increases for each post/reply you make on MyLot. For further information on this, refer to the FAQ: I don't think your earnings is affected by it. At least, I don't see it written in any of the FAQ.
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
2 Nov 10
simply nothing!!The star near you username means deals with only to your rating on mylot and so it neevr affects at all your earnings..the only way to increase earnings here is to psot discussions/responses or completing tasks that's all!!good luck!!
• India
1 Nov 10
the star shows ur ranking on mylot it represent ur rank acording to mylot also how active u r more rank more actibve u r
@gahoi1785 (121)
• Philippines
1 Nov 10
hi ascendud, i dont know yet the right formula but what i can only say is just be active here and the rewards and points will be computed by them automatically. happy mylotting. ;-)
@owlwings (39768)
• Cambridge, England
1 Nov 10
Read the FAQs on how to increase your earnings: That is the best advice anyone can give! Make sure that you read and know the Guidelines and follow them to avoid getting posts deleted. You earn nothing if a discussion you started or one you responded to is deleted! The value of your star doesn't directly affect your earnings. The Discussion Rating System is, however, "factored in" to the earnings algorithm, so if you receive low ratings from other users it affects both your MyLot Reputation and your earnings. Always try to post quality posts: be descriptive, relevant and original. Always turn your own discussions into REAL discussions by posting good quality comments to the responses you receive. If there is nothing further you can say on a subject, then it is likely to be a poor topic to begin with.
@funkykid (441)
• India
1 Nov 10
you an earn a few more cents by doing tasks in mylot.The stars are your ranking. It is how well you are doing in mylot. The higher the star is the more money you are making as well as how well you are doing online here. Its just another way to keep track of how many people are at each level. So nothing to really worry about. The numbers on the side of your picture is the number of Discussion you have started or that you have posted to over the time. The higer the number you have the more discussions that you have done and stuff. Happy mylotting :D