Can you HATE people

November 11, 2010 1:58am CST
I look around at the world, all the destruction and the crime all the bad things and I wonder whether it's because people just hate people. Why would you hurt someone else? is it hate or something else...
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@SangsTurks (1447)
• India
11 Nov 10
I would love to hate the people who would try to hurt me of the ones that i love. I also hate people who dislike people dur to religious diffrences, colour discrimination so on and so forth.
13 Nov 10
would you really hate them or just strongly dislike them. Hate is such a strong dangerous feeling
@wongchoiyee (7403)
• Malaysia
11 Nov 10
No I don't hate people I am having depression. Hurting someone to get something is bad.
13 Nov 10
I agree. Thank you
@Qaeyious (2362)
• United States
11 Nov 10
Self defense would be the first thing that comes to my mind for me to hurt someone. That person is about to hurt me, or already did, so in order for this situation to stop, I need to hurt the person back, to deter any future attacks or to get them to stop. Is this "hate?" I once proposed that it is fear and anger. You are different from me, and therefore I am angry, being fearful since I don't understand you. When one makes the effort to understand, one becomes less fearful, and so one is not as angry. And ideally that is a two-way street. And I strongly suspect there are people who just don't mind hurting people, either for personal gain or for entertainment. That's not hate, it's just sick.
@ravend (661)
• Malta
11 Nov 10
Because I am able to feel empathy, because I only care about getting what I want. That is why people want to hurt others.