Do you love the Clan of the Cave Bear series?

November 13, 2010 9:45am CST
If you are looking for an amazing series, I highly recommend this series! There are currently five books in total, with the sixth coming out next year. I personally have read the series over 10 times. I read these books over and over. I have read many a series, but I have never been so captivated like I am with the Clan of the Cave Bear. If you've read it, what did you think? What is your favorite book?
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
16 Nov 10
I've read all of them apart from the last one and generally enjoyed them. But she puts far to much of her research into them. I found it tedious after I'd read the same information for the third or fourth time. I accept that when writing about such a remote period, it's necessary to provide the reader with a great deal of background information, but my gripe is that she keeps repeating the same information over and over again. After a while, I just started skipping over the chunks of description and just concentrated on the actual story elements. I'll maybe get around to reading the one that I've not read but the reason that I've not read it yet is simply because of the vast chunks of description that I know that I'll have have to wade through.
• Canada
17 Nov 10
I agree. As much as I love her books, she does go over a lot of information over and over again. I am happy that she is so knowledgeable about that time period, but you are right, there is a lot of repeated information. You should however, read the Shelters Of Stone. Great book!
17 Nov 10
If you like the Earth's Children series, you'll probably also like "Dance of the Tiger" by Bjorn Kurten. It is set in the same period. I looked on Amazon for that 6th book and I see that the paperback will be available next year so I might order both of them, Shelters of Stone and the Land of Painted Caves next year.
@riverblue (183)
• India
2 Dec 10
I have read only the first book in the series some years back.I searched for the second but couldn't get it. At that time I liked the book I read very much.I will try and get the other books and read them one by one.