A Boy Trapped in a Man's Body

December 12, 2010 1:43am CST
At the age of 38 he looks like a mature person.There are already signs of aging in his face and body, wrinkled skin, balding head and too much excess mass. But, despite of his physical form, he is full of insecurities: unstable job though he is already permanent in his job but there's no assurance if he'll last there or the organization will last,financially unstable (no savings still), no college degree to back him up if he wanted to pursue another career,and so on. At a slightest sight of trouble, he whines, he trembles and beg for help to whoever he thinks can help, even at the expense of his relationship... even hurting the people who trust and love him. He thinks that he can gain security when he has all the money he wants.He can only see the future with bright enthusiasm when he has money... Oh, he is a boy trapped in a man's body , offer him material things, spoil him with love and attention and he will cling to you. Not thinking that he, too, has responsibilities to care and must show love as well...