Is a religion necessary for living of human beings....?

December 18, 2010 8:09pm CST
We all live on consumption of food and water which varies from place to place and person to person.OK.Apart from food we are considered as social animals as we interact with each other and live in a society. But we all follow some religion or the other and we are proud of our religion. My doubt is whether any religion is necessary for mere living of human beings.I am not referring to any particular religion as scientifically and bilogically human beings can live on food and water without following any re;ligion.I got this doubt because of mutual hatred I noticed among people belonging to different religions.Generally people are friendly and love each other by human nature but some fnatics create this hatred among people.Therefore we can all live peacefully with universal love if there is no religion in this world.What do you say....?
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@leo1985 (164)
• China
19 Dec 10
In china, most people don't religiout belief but also have some socal problems and also mutual hatred so I think the religion is not the reason for mutual hatred. We believe that man is virtuout when they were given birth. So the love in your heart is the key to make us closer.
• India
20 Dec 10
You say religion is not the cause of hatred but it is human nature as your experience in china shows.Yes human nature is root cause for all our miseries.I have also observed that as human beings they are good but when it comes to religion they become so emotional and any small difference causes mutual religious hatred which gradually becomes personal.Though religion may not be the sole cause of mutual hatred between people but many times it become the real cause...
@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
19 Dec 10
hi,Many BLOODY FOOLS using this religion for their selfish purpose in all over the world,may be in different ways in different religions...most of the poor people and people in problem rely on God/fear of religion and most of the rich people rely on God for different its all cheating.
• India
19 Dec 10
You feel that many people use religion as a tool for their personal benefits.Yes you are correct.Poor people and people in difficulties take recourse to religion for relief but many expoit in the name of religion.That is why I felt whether religion is bilogical necessity for human beings to live.Religion may regulate our lives but if people confine themselves to this aspect of religion, it is well and good but many extend the religion for exploitation..
@madteaparty (2761)
• Japan
19 Dec 10
Well, contrary to what you stated, not everyone is following a religion. There are lots of atheists in this world, and we can live happily without needing to follow the rules of any sect. With this proof I can say that religions aren't necessary at all in this world. Religions only cause pain and suffering. Tell lies to keep people controlled and give easy and nonsense explanations for things that people don't understand. A world without religion would be more peaceful and people would be happier
@xkenzo (57)
• Singapore
19 Dec 10
Religion has caused more misery to all of mankind in every stage of human history than any other single idea. Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
@bird123 (10527)
• United States
19 Dec 10
Religion is mankind's attempt to understand God. That isn't where the hatred comes from. Mankind does not need religion to hate,however if people can convince themselves they are backed by God, they can justify anything. People are using God as an excuse to do what they really want to do. This brings the problem out to the surface for us all to deal with it. People who truly know God could never hate regardless.