No more facebook

@shgnsh (79)
January 9, 2011 9:38am CST
In facebook we can make a lot of friends but it gives us nothing.Now the same things can be done in myLot but it will give some extra income.So it is time to give up facebook and join the best myLot.
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@mythociate (15963)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
10 Jan 11
Wrong, because Facebook is more-popular That, and also the 'extra-income' bit gets in the way of true friendship; if I controlled Facebook, I'd give a percentage of the income BACK to users who spent lots of time there---WITHOUT A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. The 'extra income' gets in the way of true friendship because people would always suspect that you're acting a certain way NOT because that's how you really are, but just so you can mention hot topics like "YouTube" & "Khloe Kardashian."
• India
9 Jan 11
I don't use Facebook anyway. Lol, what I appreciate is Mylot admin share revenues with us, the users who are making them money. Not like Facebook which is getting insanely rich day by day at the expense of our time and happily keeping all the cash.
@elkanwa (625)
• Malaysia
9 Jan 11
I am not into it I think. I use facebook to share my own website and some articles that I can earn money from someone who view it. And also you can earn money from facebook application.
@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
9 Jan 11
I have an account of both sites, mylot and facebook and I would say these sites are really good. I would not give any of the two because they have different effects to me. I love facebook because I can communicate with my friends and relatives easily and I love mylot because I can share what I want to share without limit. Good luck to you.
• United States
9 Jan 11
I dont use facebook atg all to find new friends and to enjoy using it to find people i dont know. I use facebook to read my friengs stuff they write and of course everyone on my facebook page knows me personally or somehow. I wouldnt add people i didnt know only becasue i add pictures of myself on there and have some information about mswelf on there that others i dont know dont need to read it. Im guessing you use fcebook not for friends or family and were using it to find new friends which is not the reason you should even use facebook at all, you can come on here to find new friends and to talk to people you really dont know if thats what you are doing but use facebook for your personal life.
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
You don't really have to leave Facebook just so you can be with Mylot. You could just allot more time with mylot since you are paid for your activity here. What you can do is visit Facebook for a few minutes and spend most of your time with mylot that way you can still keep up with friends while earning at the same time with mylot.
@owlwings (39882)
• Cambridge, England
9 Jan 11
Facebook is also about idle chat and games as well as making friends; MyLot is about discussions - NOT idle chit-chat. Each has its place.
@wadabski (764)
• Philippines
9 Jan 11
Good idea but you can do both. I do not think Facebook can consume that much time. You can log in for a few minutes and then spend more time in mylot because in turn you get $.