@buli23 (550)
January 22, 2011 2:06am CST
Now we all facing many problem about our physical condition. Yoga is a special method by which we can keep our body fit for a long time. Through the practice of yoga we can prevent many disease. Through the practice of yoga we can keep good blood circulation system in our body which helps us to prevent disease. It is proved that if we practice yoga we can keep our body fitness well. Now different types of yoga show are being organized. Ramdev is one of the most famous persons in the filed of Yoga. I watch every show of Ramdev and try to practice all for my fit figure.
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@Sgoessi (78)
• Switzerland
12 Mar 13
Yoga is one of the great exercises for our body as well as mind. It provide us calm mind, positive energy, encrease memory power. There are lots of benefits of Yoga. I am doing Yoga on a regular basis and I feel good every day.
27 Aug 12
I am practicing yoga for some helps reduce stress. Regular practice develops a calm mind.
@Jotomy (6351)
• India
22 Jan 11
Hi buli, i like to watch all the programs of yoga, Ramdev baba, manthena satyanarayana etc., I too believe yoga will help to make our physical condition fit. I will do daily yoga, it is one of my hobby also it is my exercise too. Have a healthy day.