How do you view religion of others with your own religion?

@gengeni (3308)
February 2, 2011 6:43am CST
How do you look at religion other people with your religion, do you feel your religion the most correct? or you look at it with wisdom that all religions it is the truth? you try to express your views about other religions to be honest.
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• Thailand
3 Feb 11
Everyone feels that their own religion is the one that expresses the basic truth or why else would they follow it? In all reality there is no single truth. Religions can be sorted as eastern and western. The major difference between them is that the religions of the west view their god as a single entity and attempt to define how to relate to that entity while in the eastern religions the gods are viewed as something that is a part of the person and the relationship is internal.
• Indonesia
2 Feb 11
Religion is a form of spiritual belief we will be something that we are glorified, where we generally feel must be the religion we profess is the best. But in reality if we do such a distinguished mandated, it's back to the individual self. I live in a large family which some Islamic, Christian, some Hindu and communist anymore.
@camomile07 (1422)
• Germany
2 Feb 11
In my opinion, there is only one correct religion. But I never would try to convince othters to change their one for another one. All of them contains some truth we can learn something from.
@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
2 Feb 11
Interesting. It seems religion and culture are closely related. I think at the higher level, the spirituality that all religions (that advocate kindness) seems to be endorse is the same. I believe that one's spirituality can be enhanced by any religion is that religion intensifies the need for kindness and the need to be an instrument of giving. What do you think ?