Names in Your Phone

United States
February 17, 2011 1:04pm CST
Do you keep peoples phone numbers in your phone, so when they call you dont answer? I have done this to one person, he had so many numbers he would call from so i was always putting the numbers in he called under and put his name with it so when he would call i would know not to pick it up. Some people are so annoying and always want to hang out and do stuff but its like i have my own life and i work alot so leave me alone. Have you ever done this? I know i cant be the only one out there that has done this before.
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@nzalheart (2352)
• India
21 Feb 11
Hi lologirl 2021!!! This mostly happens to the girls in my place. Boys try to make bluff calls to the girls. So, the girls like you may get annoyed with it. Yes it is a bad idea to disturb people like that. One should mind their own business. Happy mylotting!!! cheers...
@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
20 Feb 11
Yes, I've done this to a few people. And I've also done this to annoying telemarketers too. They are all called 'do not pick up' on my phone. Some of them would have a number at the end, 'do not pick up 2, do not pick up 3', etc. I don't really know who it is, I just know that I shouldn't be talking to them.
@danitykane (3192)
• Philippines
19 Feb 11
hi lologirl2021, LOL! that was crazy. I mean the one you're avoiding. I usually store people's number but not to a point that I will save all the number he/she used especially the ones he don't own, such as office numbers, landline or his friend's cellphone numbers. But if the person is such a pain to my stomach I might do that as well.
@sexyice (874)
• Latvia
17 Feb 11
yes of cours :) Same nubers I save - do not put up :D Not like those who beeps and waiting for the callback. :(
@sagar21 (1583)
• India
17 Feb 11
the only solution is tell him that he is a real nuisance or get help from PD to treat that bugger...
17 Feb 11
I did it one time, I had worked for someone who when I decided to quit could NOT take no for an answer. The continued to call and tried to bargain with me to come back. So I entered their name in my phone as "Do Not Answer" so that as the phone rang, even if I wasn't looking I would remind myself not to answer that call.
• United States
17 Feb 11
No I have never done this at all. I have only my few friends and my daughters school in my phone.
@katsmeow1213 (29047)
• United States
17 Feb 11
Wouldn't it be easier to just tell your friend the truth instead of using up all the memory in your phone to avoid talking to him? I have never done something like this, the only contacts stored in my phone are the ones I want to talk to.