Doesn't have to be true ...

@ruperto (1552)
February 23, 2011 5:52pm CST
There's a saying: "It does not have to be true, one just have to believe it." Someone, that I know very well, confessed to me that he feels very "small" compared to the people he works with in a company. In his childhood, he claims to have the wrong notion that he was smart and gifted. He claims he was just hard-working and persevering. He graduated top of his class because of hard work, not because he was more intelligent. What do you think ?
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• Philippines
5 Mar 11
Maybe this person you know has quite a low self esteem. Some are born with the gift of intelligence more than others but if they don't use them or improve such intelligence and skills, they would soon fade away. Your friend has that gift too but he also had the gift of patience, determination and hard work. It's all about believing in yourself that really matters in most cases, no matter what you have and where you were from. Trusting yourself that you can do a lot better than what you've done will take you higher than what you've expected.
@sais06 (1288)
• Philippines
5 Mar 11
Being intelligent will not do anything to him unless he uses that intelligence then that's the time something will happen to him. I agree with that person that hard-work pays more that just being smart. As Thomas Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. The truth will only become reality for us if we believe it and act to achieve it. Have a nice day ruperto!
@cokage (14)
• Saudi Arabia
27 Feb 11
i think bein humble is a noble thing to do and what every body's needed, especially in one's self in doin good deeds to everyone's life,with or with out somebody know's,with gladness into his heart.
@Lore2009 (7388)
• United States
24 Feb 11
The truth is what you believe, I think. There can be scientific 'proof' that there are aliens but it won't be truth for people who don't believe it. Sometimes things cannot be proven like love, but some will still believe it. Unfortunately and fortunately, all you need to do is believe it to make it true.
@JohnMach (555)
• Philippines
24 Feb 11
Yes, if you believe you can do something you will get that something. There was this time when I believed I can do an ollie on my skateboard. It was when I was just starting out. After a week and a half I learned how to do the trick. It was fun.
@jhaidro (878)
• Philippines
24 Feb 11
I think that working for the things that we wanted to have is way better than just relying on the gifts we may posses. The way I see it, all the things in this world deserves a little work. Even if we really are gifted of something, it should be of good use. In the end, even it we have so much, if we do not act on our wishes, nothing will happen.