Being Human Series 3 finale. where will it go from here? poss. spoilers

@Galena (9123)
March 14, 2011 2:00pm CST
so series three of being Human ended on a dramatic event that completely changes everything. I've been watching Being Human since the Pilot, many years ago now. I didn't think that series two was as good as the first series, but series three was brilliant. the way it ended was quite sad, in my view, but I felt that it was where the story had to go. I did find there was a certain inevitability to the event in question and by the end of it, the only uncertainty was who it would be that did it. and the way it was handled was very touching. but it completely changes the dynamic of the house, and does make you wonder, what next. I think the penultimate episode was more exciting to watch than the finale, "Not in WALES!" with the final details about the box tunnel massacre falling into place, and the cliffhangers of whether Nina and the baby would survive and what would happen when the photograph of Mitchell is viewed. so it was unfortunate that the pace wasn't kept up for the finale. having said that, it had some great scenes, and has left everything changed for a future series. how does everyone else feel about this?
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@fpsninja (874)
14 Mar 11
I watched this as well, and towards the end i couldnt help but feel like the writers were running out of ideas. I still liked it though, but i think they could bring back some of the comedy, its been a bit shy on that this series. But i think what will happen basically is that the vampires will now attack nina, george etc, and try to round up all the werewolfs and so on. But i want to know what happened to tom, what did he do after McNair was killed apart from go to try and rescue Mitchel and george? Where is he now?
@hvedra (1623)
16 Mar 11
Thing is, it was Herrick who said a stake through the heart was final but he was probably lying as usual. I think they might bring Mitchell back but not for the next season (Aiden is off being a dwarf in The Hobbit and that's why he was written out).
17 Mar 11
Yeah the fact Herrick told Mitchell a stake was final makes untrustworthy of the potential of the future plot . Although I found out literally afterwards that Aiden is off to play a dwarf in The Hobbit so I think he'll return but not next season and instead I think there will be constant talking of him throughout the next series with the characters leaning towards getting him back .I reckon the young werewolf will pair up with the group and end up dying at the end of the series .
@hvedra (1623)
15 Mar 11
I'm more miffed that they killed Herrick off again just as he came back to form! I'm having difficulty with the new head vampire being Stan Shunpike as well... I hope it doesn't deteriorate into wolves vs vamps because they've built up the vampires as a powerful multi-national corporation and the werewolves as barely able to find each other. I also hope that policewoman doesn't come back as a vampire or ghost, I found her really annoying!