A vulture sat for a few hours on my roof today

United States
@shaggin (8748)
March 30, 2011 10:11pm CST
vulture - the vulture that was on my house
Today for a few hours there was a vulture perched on my roof. I took a picture of it (which I've attached below) when my father came over to show me it. We got closer and were talking and it scared it off. I am not superstitious never have been but this creeped me out. My husband just died 8 days ago. I dont need any more bad things happening. My daughter has a dentist appointment tomorrow an hour from our home. The weather channel isnt real sure what time it will start snowing. I am going to cancel the appointment and stay home just to play it safe. Since my husband died I've been terrified that something will happen to me and my kids will be left orphans. How would you feel if this ugly bird perched itself on top of your house? If it was just in the trees near my house I wouldnt be freaked out at all but the fact it was sitting on my roof has me spooked.