AT&T would charge people $10 extra if cap is exceeded

United States
April 4, 2011 8:52pm CST
AT&T would modify a new contract at the coming month, and it sounds really unreasonable if you have read it the new contract. They believe that our reasonable data usage on our DSL connection should be 150 gigabytes per month, and if we exceed every 50 gigabytes, there will be $10 extra charge. Would that be reasonable to you if you are still under AT&T internet service? Would you consider switch to other major internet service provider, like Comcast? They might follow suit AT&T policy some people predicts. So, if you watch online movies often, you might easily exceed 150 gigabytes per month, what do you think?
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
8 Apr 11
Yeah. that kind of sounds like a ripoff to me. I think they are just trying to get more money out of the consumers. they may lose customers if they do that because people will look for something more affordable and a stable price.
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
5 Apr 11
Personally for me, the only Internet service I use at home is Comcast. I will only use something else when using my WI-FI somewhere, as all the other companies are not as fast as Comcast, and do not offer near the service. I know Comcast is high but definately worth it to me.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
5 Apr 11
Well I think it depends on the user. I have seen some providers that gives high speeds but with caps and those with lower speeds but without caps. People who tend to just surf and stuff don't really need a higher cap but need a faster speed. But for those who watch, download and such they really don't need a cap.
@inedible (768)
• Singapore
5 Apr 11
I've never used that much in a single month before since I don't watch that many movies online (I mostly just watch the Colbert Report and the Daily Show on the internet), so I can't say it's too unreasonable for me. But I would definitely still dislike having a cap. Just because I don't exceed now doesn't mean I won't end up using the internet more if more channels or sites start offering their selections online. (Note: I'm not an AT&T subscriber. I'm just offering my opinion as someone who uses the internet a lot, but just not that much. For now.)