Bowling Has Gotten Too Expensive

United States
@zeloguy (4915)
May 1, 2011 2:03am CST
Wii Bowling - Bowling on the Wii entertainment system.
I remember the days when you bowled with one ball... your shoes were ½ the price of your regular shoes. A bowling ball was a couple week's league dues. A towel was under a dollar and to 'shine' the ball was a machine that required quarters. Today bowling has become WAY too expensive. These are some averages Open Play Bowling - Game/1 Hour: $2.50 / $20 League Bowling $15/week + sponsor fees (one for each league) + USBC fees (once a season) Bowling Ball (the average 'league bowler' has 4-8 balls) High-Performance Ball $259 - $300 + drilling (usually ~$20) Entry Level Ball - $79 - $130 + drilling Spare (Plastic) Ball - $50 - $200 + drilling Bowling Shoes Non-Performance Shoes (each shoe is the same) $50 - $100 Performance Shoes (left/right hand dependent) $150 - $300 Bowling Bag One Ball - $50 Two Ball Roller - $100 - $175 (almost EVERY league bowler has at least 2) Six Ball Roller - $300 - $400 Accessories Who knows what else you will need. Resin, towel, grips, tape, supports (they can get EXPENSIVE)... list goes on with what else you are putting in that $300 bag! Easily a leisure bowler could spend in excess of $1000 ( 2 performance balls, spare ball, 3-ball roller bag, shoes, accessories) just in equipment. Bowl in 2 leagues a week and that is $30 minimum plus a couple days practice... another $30... you are getting into the range that it takes to play GOLF. A plastic bowling ball is the most expensive piece of plastic ball I know of. Is the price of bowling getting out of hand or is it just keeping up with inflation (am I THAT old???) Thanks Zelo