Do you work out what meals you are having for the whole week

@joystick (1680)
May 20, 2011 6:44pm CST
From now on before i go shopping, i am going to plan a weeks worth of meals that are really cheap and stick to the meal rota, this is in aid to save money.It is getting warmer now and in the summer we all tend to just really snack rather than eating large cooked meals.So i have now got to the stage where as i have been getting things and not eating them in time.I just halved the cost of my shopping, by planning this a week ahead for the meals, also i got extra things like washing things and cleaning things and it was still less than half the usual shopping bill.
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@bingskee (5237)
• Philippines
12 Jun 11
i am actually contemplating on doing that but only for supper as everybody is not in the house the whole day except for holidays. only one remains in the house and he does not cook when he is alone but only buys food which is cheaper than cooking it.
@drannhh (15240)
• United States
9 Jun 11
I don't make a list and go shopping because pretty much all of what I buy is what is seasonal and on sale. So I shop and then make a list. I also only shop at stores that have deep discounts and make a game out of keeping track of which stores are cheaper on which items. However, unlike a friend, I do not drive all over the place to get something that I decide I want. Instead I make a little map showing where each of my favorite discount stores are situated and then drive in the most gas saving route. Gas is very high here at present so getting somewhere adds a lot to the cost of the food.
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
8 Jun 11
hi, actually i dont love to go and shop, because i want save more money so that if i receive my salary i always compute and separate my expenses so that my money will fit in my needs in daily routine especially my meals and transportation.
@gloryacam (5546)
• Philippines
25 May 11
When I'm on a diet, I really plan out my meal for the whole week. It helps because you get tempted less when your fridge is stocked up with the healthy food stuff. It also saves time in going to and from the grocery. I think I should do this more often.
@Mickie30 (2633)
21 May 11
Hi I do plan meals, but not a week in advance. I check what foods I need for slimming world because that's the diet I am doing. I just buy lot's of the food I am supposed to eat and cook it for the whole family.
• United States
21 May 11
I want to start doing that, I want to start planning my dinners for the whole week so that way when I come home I am not frustrated trying to find something to eat.
@myfb2009 (8304)
• Malaysia
21 May 11
I don't really worked out my meals for a week. But, i do prepared a list of what things i needed to buy for a week. Because i don't have the time to go shopping everyday, since my time was fully occupied. With all the things that i had bought and kept in the refrigerator, i will plan my daily meal accordingly. I tried to make sure that, the food which i bought for a week is really enough for my family to eat for a week.
@jazel_juan (15767)
• Philippines
21 May 11
On my part, it is a bit hard to plan for what i would like to have during meals.. though people say it would be good for the budgetting but it is hard..i tried planning what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner but when the food is there, its like my taste for it is gone, its like the appetite for it is gone, same with hubby! but we still do keep the usual canned goods stacked and noodles... whenever we need something quick that is there. But since both of us are working, we at times just order ahead of time in a restaurant and we pass by it and get it before dinner and come home and enjoy that food we take out! sounds lazy but currently it works conveniently for us..and it gets cheaper for us..
@celticeagle (119157)
• Boise, Idaho
21 May 11
No, we usually know about what we will fix but it isn't all mapped out. We shop for the month and think ahead as much as possible. I wouldn't like having everything mapped out and know exactly what we will have each day. I like to be surprised and not have it all on a menu or anything.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
21 May 11
I only plan when there is a special event to prepare food for. otherwise, i like to be more spontaneous with my meal preparattions. it is more fun for family and myself that way. it doesn't seem like such a task then,
• United States
20 May 11
I don;t make a list and it is so hard anymore to go shopping with the prices so high!! I just try to do the best I can.